Secret of 6 feet 3 inch long hair

This 17 year old girl has the longest hair in the world, what is the secret of 6 feet 3 inch long hair,

Hair is very important for any person to look beautiful and girls hair adds beauty to their beauty. But nowadays it is not a fashion to have long hair, yet one is fond of keeping long hair.

But you will be stunned by the beauty and length of this 18 year old girl living in a village in Modasa, Gujarat, she was born on 6th August 2002. Nilanshi Patel is daughter of Brijesh Patel and Kamini Ben Patel.

The length of the hair is now more than 6 feet 3 inches, Nilanshi has broken her own old Guinness record due to having such long hair. in November 2018, she first registered her name in the Guinness Book of Worlds. The length of her hair was 5 feet 7 and then Nilanshi broke the record for the longest hair of an Argentine girl.
when Nilanshi Patel’s hair grew to 6 feet 3 inches in September 2019, she broke her own old Guinness book record and got a new record again.

Nilanshi’s status is no less than a celebrity due to her thick long hair, when she goes out, she becomes the center of attraction. People surround themselves and take selfies and some ask secret of her beautiful hair. Nilanshi loves her hair very much, even for almost 12 years she has not done her hair trimming.

When the hair dresser had cut her hair wrongly, since then the little 6 years old girl had decided to never cut her hair.

But handling such long hair is a big challenge. Washes hair only once a week. she Applies oil 2 times. wears high heals But the cost of fame has to be paid.

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