success mantra is hidden in these 10 tips

Why one gets success easily every time, and a person fails again and again. It is necessary to ask yourself this question, these 10 tips or success mantra will change your life.

1- Hard work is like stairs and luck is like a lift, sometimes the lift can fail but the stairs will always take you upwards.

2- People can be more talented than you but no one has any excuse to do more or less hard work, everyone has equal opportunity to work hard in life.

3- Success does not come only by luck, it comes from constant effort, sacrifice and love of work.

4- No one can take away your efforts and dedication from you. If you keep working hard, you will succeed.

5- Luck is like throwing dice and you cannot predict it accurately. If everything happens as per your wish then it is good and if it does not happen then continue to work to improve your skills.

6-You may not get the result of your hard work immediately or in the near future, but eventually the result you will get because the hard work never goes in vain

7- Luck is not something that you can control, while hard work is in your hand which makes your chances better. It is always better to focus your attention on what is under your control rather than on what you cannot control.

8- The two keys to life are hard work and luck. When these two keys work together, the lock of your life opens.

9- History has shown that fate has to bear many times in the face of hard work and determination.

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10- Sometimes you are not able to express your hard work in words and people consider it your fate in this misunderstanding.

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