steve jobs “do not drive your life according to others”

know What Steve Jobs said about Death

You have to know what you really love to do, as much as it is necessary to find your love, it is important to find the work that you truly enjoy, your work will be a major part of your life, and truly satisfied. The only way to be done is to do what you really think is a big thing and the only way to do BIG things is to do what you enjoy doing. If you have not gotten that work yet, do not wait; Keep searching for it. As everything is connected to the heart, you will know when you get it and as it happens in a good relationship, it will be better with time, Keep looking for it. Do not wait.

When I was 17, I read a quote, which was like this, “If you live every day as if it is the last day of your life, then you will be proved right on someday.” It has made an impression on my mind, and since then, For the last 33 years, I got up and looked in the mirror every morning and has asked myself a question

If this was the last day of my life, would I do what I am going to do today?

And whenever there is a “NO” response for several consecutive days, I understand that there is a need to change something. Remember that I will die very soon, it is most helpful for me to take major decisions of my life, because once I think of death then all the expectations, all the pride, the fear of failure, everything is gone and only remain what is really important. To remember that one day is to die. This is the best way to overcome the fear of losing something. About a year ago I found out that I had cancer. My scan was done at 7:30 in the morning, which clearly showed that there is a tumor in my pancreas. I did not even know what happens to the pancreas. The doctor almost assuredly told me that I have cancer that is not possible, and now I am just a 3 to the 6-month-old guest. The doctor advised that I should go home and organize all my things, which means indirectly, “you are ready to die.” This means that you should try to do everything that you do with your children in the next ten years. , Do that in the next few months. It means that you should organize everything-that your family has the least problems after you. This means that you can all-good-bye.

steve jobs,
steve jobs

I spent the entire day with this diagnosis and then my biopsy took place in the evening where my endurance was inserted through my throat, an endoscope in my intestine, and removed from some tumors from a needle. I was unconscious, but my wife, who was there, told me that when the doctor saw my cells from the microscope, she cried … Actually seeing the cells, the doctor understood that I have a very rare type of pancreatic cancer that is fine with surgery It is possible. I got my surgery and fortunately, now I am fine.

I have never reached this close to death, and hope that it will not reach the next few decades. After seeing all these, I can also say with confidence that death is a useful but intellectual concept. No one wants to die, even those who want to go to heaven … Even death is the destination which we all share. No one is left to this day. And this should be because perhaps death is the biggest invention of this life. It changes lives, removes the old, and opens the way for new ones. And at this time you are new. But not much; In a few days, you will become old and will be cleaned by road. 

Sorry for being so dramatic, but this is true. Your time is limited, so do not waste your life on someone else’s life. Do not think of useless, do not drive your life according to others. Do not let your inner voice sound in the sounds of others, drown your intuition. They already know what you really want to be. Everything else is secondary.

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