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Democracy slave of vote bank

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India is the world’s largest democratic country, but is it the right system for India?

need to consider this! India is a country full of diversity. There are countless languages and mixed cultures in India. Whatever you think but the truth is that in a country like India, where there is a lot of problems, poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, health, law and order, regionalism, casteism, communalism, people are divided into small factions. The monster of cast based reservation has become the reason for the difference among the communities!

Give great discourse of patriotism but what a country! the biggest minorities can not sing the National anthem because their religion doesn’t permit, ya you can laugh but it is so tragic for a country.

India as a country can not reach on the top by this kind of approach just chanting hollow patriotism!

Democracy does not mean that you openly support those elements who are interested in the pieces of the country! India’s unity and integrity are like the river which is flowing above the danger mark even if we make so many claims about unity, but it is fact some political parties who support these anti-national people and making sure to send such people to Parliament.

Although Indians have shown their intelligence to the world But the common Indian does not have that understanding which makes a country bigger and developed country like people of America, Brazil, Japan, China, Russia their people have supported their leadership and contributed to the development of the country. This is true when you move towards any big goal, some miseries, difficulties come on the way, but if you across them there is a golden future and
the country gets a New launching pad from There it starts the journey to becoming the best. The scoff of India is probably that he could not develop a mentality, collective thinking which is essential for nation-building.

Politics of Vote Bank is ruining India. The diversity which is India’s specialty is being used for insignificant politics. Political parties are supporting Regionalism, casteism, communalism they are dividing the society just for getting political power.

for vote bank politics if you provoking peoples’ sentiments, it increases cracks between communities, and the distances will increase disruption! If there will be disruption then the country will be weak.

The Prime Minister of India may have understood this situation, that is why he has given the slogan “India First” means the country is first, and everyone’s development!

The level of politics has reached a very low level, where you are tarnishing the image of the country while hurting the ruling party, the advantage of it is raising your neighboring enemy country. Even though India’s democracy is the largest in terms of population but it lacks that maturity Which we see in the United States, Britain, France, and other countries.

People or organizations to demand their demands, the country’s property will be lit in the name of peaceful demonstration and agitation. Is such a country worth it that it could become a developed country? India is a country where citizens make noise for their rights over their duty! but they don’t follow their duties honestly.

The coordination between the government and the public, only then the country becomes big!

In democratic countries, the people have the power of the government as well, No matter how clear the government’s policy is But if its countrymen do not give full support then it is very difficult to succeed!

In the last 6 years, how India has been successful in presenting its position on the international stage, it is well known that all international institutions, all heads of state have appreciated the work of the Government of India.

How India got global support in the Balakot attack against Pakistan, and recently in the ongoing Galvan Valley dispute with China, while China is a country bigger than India, was completely isolated.

And at the domestic level, you see how the main opposition parties are causing problems. In protest against the government, they are damaging the interests of the country, their statements are being used by enemies like China and Pakistan in their favor! What kind of democracy is this, where you live in an electoral mood all the time! Is this democracy? If this is the case then it needs to be considered seriously.


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