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A traditional Indian sanitizer No virus can survive on our body

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Rs.90 Rupees sanitizer is being sold in the indian market today for Rs 300 to 500 and it is not even sure whether it is real or fake, The Indian alternative to sanitizer is ‘Alum’ which is easily available in the market on nominal price, says Dr. Arjun Mukhija.

what is alum ?

Alum (hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate) K2SO4 Al2 (SO4) 3.24H2O is a traditional Indian sanitizer. No virus can survive on our body when we wash our hands with alum water or use it during bath.

Putting alum in hot water and destroying the throat and mouth viruses. Similarly, by washing hands with ‘alum’, we destroy the viruses in our hands.

Therefore always keep a piece of alum with you and when required, sanitize yourself.

India’s Desi culture can prevent this covid 19 world epidemic.

Alum is used in our home since many years. It has anti-bacterial properties. There are two types of alum, red and white but in most households the white alum is used.
Few households use it as an after shave, while in other households it is used to clean water.

Benefits of alum, alum’s benefits

The benefits have also been referred in Ayurveda. It is believed that more than 20 kinds of problems can be remedied with alum.alum benefits,

Some of the best uses of alum include:

1. Injuries
If you have suffered an injury or a wound and are constantly bleeding, wash the wound with alum water. This will stop the bleeding. Instead of alum water, you can also use alum by fine grinding.

2. Helps in removing facial wrinkles.
If you have wrinkles on your face, then using alum water will be very beneficial for you.
Usage: dip a bigger piece of alum in water and rub it gently on the face. After some time wash the face with clean water.

3. To remove the smell of sweat.
If you sweat too much and smell, then the use of alum will be beneficial for you. Make a fine powder of alum. Before bathing, put some amount of this powder in water and bath with it.

4. Effective solution to the problem of teeth
Alum has anti-bacterial properties.
Alum is also used to relieve toothache and stench of the mouth. This is a natural mouthwash. Gargling with alum water is beneficial in such cases.

5. Solving the problem of asthma, cough and mucus.
If you have asthma, then alum is the panacea for this problem. Mix alum powder with honey and have it to cure asthma and cough.

6. Home remedy to remove the dust and lice.                                                  If you have lice on your head, then wash the hair with alum water. Due to its anti-bacterial properties the lice die and the other dust on the head also gets washed away.

7. Urine infection
Use of alum helps prevent urinary infection. On cleaning the private area with alum water dialy removes the risk of infection. Apart from this, alum is also used to remove water soluble impurities.


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