Home Astrology wind chime creates a positive rhythm in your family and life.

wind chime creates a positive rhythm in your family and life.

benefit of wind chime,
Wind chime benefits

wind chime creates a positive rhythm in your family and life.Sound has great importance in our lives. In Hindu culture, this was understood long ago by sages hence they included it in rituals such as deity worship, chanting mantras, ohm ॐ pronunciation, use of bell, manjire, kartal and conch during Aarti. It is performed for the positive energy to be generated.

The wind chime increases positive energy. to know benefits of wind chime read this post till end.

what is wind chime ?

There is a Chinese method based on this. This is called wind chime, it is used both in Vastu, Feng Shui and produces positive energy and we are well aware of the importance of energy in today’s world.

benefit of wind chime,

This sound of the wind chime increases positive energy which creates a positive rhythm in our family.

When we ring bells and conch in the temples or at home during worship it creates positivity, which is a part of the principle of sound and energy behind it.

During the aarti in the temple, when we hear the sound of conch, bell, kartal, manjire, dholak, mantras, applause, the time of worship collectively fills up with positive energy. No negative thoughts loom around at this time.

There are many types of such wind chimes

Wind chime is made from different metals. Iron, alumunium, wood, clay are also made of octal metal. However , in plastic and light metals such wind chimes should not be installed. Otherwise it can cause few negative effects.

Where to place it and which place would be good

We can only benefit from the right when our purpose for applying wind chime is clear.We can plant it anywhere, inside or outside the home. Positive energy has great importance in our life and the principle behind positive energy works.

The size and location of the wind chime is of great importance usually it is placed outside the house or near the main gate. So that if the wind is moving, it will ring. A big size wind chime is recommended here but if we hang it inside the house, then a small size will be better so that when the fan is moving, it will produce shaken and sweet sound with a positive energy which brings good luck for us. Benefits of wind chime , are awesome

A designer wind chime which looks good but should not be stinging in the ears, always see that the sound of wind chime is sweet, it brings good luck in life.

How does the number of rods in wind chimes matter?

Wind chime with 7 and 8 rods enhance good luck. If home sick have encamped wind chime with 5 rods would be best.
If there are quarrels at home, a wind chime with two or three rods is considered good for that.

If the husband/wife want to increase the love between in the bedroom, then put 9 Rhodes wind chime, which is considered good, near the bedroom window.

If you feel that the atmosphere in your house has become very Sad and despair the hang a chirpy wind chime at the entrance and see the house filled with happiness again.

Feng Shui, which is also known as Chinese Vastushastra, is a very effective for increasing positive energy.

If you wish to put wind chime in the south-east and south direction in the house, then it should be made of wood or bamboo.

If you wish to hang the wind chime in the western, northwest and north direction of the house, then metal wind chime made of metal is good for that.

To increase the luck of your children, a wind chime with 6 or 7 rods will benefit from being placed in the west direction.

A ceramic wind chime is more beneficial when placed in south-western, north-eastern and central direction.

Hence for all positive reasons buy it today and experience the flow positive energy into your canal through sound.


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