How to get rid of bad habits fast

get rid of bad habits

We make our habits inadvertently and become their slaves when we do some work again and again it becomes a part of our life, and it becomes a habit in our daily lifestyle. , If that habit is good then life gets better, but if the habit is bad then it destroys life too, this story also says something like that if you do not let the habit fall into your childhood in time, better Otherwise they will not be left with time and this is a Big fact that everyone in this universe wants to get rid of bad habits.

A multi-millionaire father was very upset with his son’s bad habit. Whenever he tried to tell his son to get rid of this habit, the only answer would be, “Now I am too young dad .. I will leave this habit when I will grow more!”

In those days a Saint came into the village when his father came to know about Saint ‘s fame, he immediately approached him and started telling his problem. Saint listened to him and said, “Okay, bring your son to the garden tomorrow morning, I will tell you the remedy. “

The next morning the father and son reached the garden.

saint said to the son, “Let us go for a walk in the garden.” And they gradually started moving forward.

Ongoing, Saint stopped suddenly and said to the son, “Can you uproot this little plant?”

“Yes, what’s the biggest thing in it.” And the son easily uprooted the plant.

Then they went ahead and a little later, The holy Saint pointed towards a big plant, “Can you uproot it too?”

As the son feels so much fun in all these, he immediately began to uproot the plant. This time he worked a little hard but after a lot of effort, he even uprooted it too. They went forward again, and after some time Saint pointed towards a cornucopia tree to uproot it from the son.

The son caught the thread of the tree and started pulling it loudly. But the tree becomes now no longer even taking the name of moving. Even after trying hard, the tree was not able to melt, then the son said, “Hey! It is very strong, it is impossible to uproot it. “

The holy Saint explained to him lovingly and said, “Son, it happens with bad habits too when they are new, it is easy to leave them, but when they become old like this cornucopia tree they become difficult to leave. “

The son understood his point and he decided to leave bad habits from that moment.

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