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10 Things for success, Must follow

1- Hard work is like stairs and luck is like a lift, sometimes the lift can fail but the stairs will always...

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Democracy slave of vote bank

India is the world's largest democratic country, but is it the right system for India? need to...

12 Amazing face Beauty Tips for Dry and oily Skin

Today we are walking on the path of progress, science has made so much progress that it cannot be imagined. In the progress of...
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RIP Meaning – why it is wrong for Hindu

what to write on someone's death We have often seen that as soon as the news of anyone's...
hindu marriage

The story behind Hindu marriages

Saptapadi is known as Saat Phere Although time has changed Hindu weddings are still considered the most successful...
Milind apman and ankita a lovely couple

Why Young girls like matured partner

they have 27 years age difference When it comes to living together, some girls choose a partner older...
Doing sex

Compliments are powerful aphrodisiacs

Sex is a natural need Sex is important Sex is good for health
sonam bajwa converted,sonambajwa punjabi actress,sonam bajwa south indian actress,

Sonam Bajwa Punjabi actress biography and 24 hot photos

Sonam Bajwa full name is Sonampreet Kaur Bajwa. she is an Indian model and actress active in...

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